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Metal Building Consultants in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Clayton, Youngsville, NC

Inco Consultants provide advice, ideas, or pricing.

Schedule a consultation with Inco Steel Buildings for accurate prices, honest advice, and answers to metal building questions.

Consult with Inco Steel Buildings about building a new metal building, repairing your existing metal building, or converting your current metal building into a rental building

metal building consultants
Option: Conceptual Preliminary Drawing


$250 Office or Jobsite

$250 in-office or on jobsite.  Both include a one-hour consultation and advice session. 70-mile round trip form 27615

For professional services at Inco Steel Buildings, we offers fee-based metal building consulting, planning, and design recommendations to help you construct a new metal building, repair an existing building, restore, or refurbish an existing metal building, and or convert a metal building.

The Deliverables of Inco Metal Building Consultants

A consultation will be conducted during which we will discuss and provide advice and ideas for (one project) work description you are considering. In general, one building project can be classified and defined as one of the following: (a) a new metal building, (b) a metal building repair project, (c) a metal building restoration or refurbishment, or (d) a metal building conversion project.

Exclusions from Inco Metal Building Consultations

A one-hour consultation fee does not cover architectural design drawings or cost estimates related to the consultation, regardless of whether they are concept sketches, ballpark price discussions or written costs estimates.

Professional Services Fees for Estimates and Drawings

An hourly rate of $125 to $250 is charged for cost estimates and/or preliminary non-permit drawings depending on the project’s scope and size. Preparation of the aforementioned documents is subject to a minimum fee set forth in writing by Inco Steel Buildings, Inc.

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