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Design Process for Steel Homes by an Architect

Inco Approved Architect for Steel Homes, Barndominiums
Inco Design Process Metal Home Construction in Raleigh NC

Inco Steel Buildings Inc., a Raleigh, NC general contractor, erects turnkey, red iron engineered metal buildings for barndominiums and steel homes. By hiring an approved architect, the company offers customers a comprehensive Design Process for Steel Homes.

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Inco Architects and Custom Steel Homes: How the Process Works

The Order: Define > Develop > Design > Price > Build‚ĄĘ

The Design Phase begins with Inco Steel Buildings being selected and retained as the steel home builder and general contractor. The retainer agreement will be prepared by Inco Steel Buildings for the customer’s signature, and a retainer fee will be charged to begin the design process.

During the fee-based architectural stage, an Inco approved and licensed Architect will work with the customer to develop, design and program their new steel home. As part of this process, the Architect will prepare the conceptual design, specifications, and working drawings and all related architectural documents required to gain approval for the house and secure municipal building permits, while meeting the customer’s requirements and goals.

Architect consultations with the customer are scheduled to begin the pre-construction home development process, which is the starting point of the architectural design phase.

Inco Steel Buildings, Inc.’s architectural design process is how our company develops and programs steel home projects; provides cost estimates, and completes custom steel home construction on budget.

Inco Steel Buildings, Inc’s architectural design process is a proven and guaranteed time and money-saving process. One design/construction team will reduce the construction timeline and construction costs by streamlining the process for developing and building the new home using extensive and proven experience, and a proven process.

The Inco three-step process consists of two key phases; Architectural Design and Construction.  Together; they are divided into seven manageable stages.

Stage 1 of 7: Schematic Development
Schematic Design for Inco Steel Homes

During the Schematic Design Stage, the architect will begin the design process by developing concept drawings to establish the scope-of-work and to demonstrate the related components for the new home construction.

All schematic drawings are based upon the client’s budget range and the pre-construction, job-specific questionnaire(s) coupled with information gathered at the initial meeting(s). 

The most important objective is to arrive at a clearly defined, feasible concept while exploring alternative design solutions.

Floor Plan/Walls: In general, a concept floor plan and/or wall elevation are prepared to help visualize the new home construction or remodeling project

Zoning Regulations: When planning new home construction or building additions; zoning requirements and related regulations are verified specific to the property address.

The process moves forward to Stage-2 when the Schematic Design Stage is approved by the Client.

Stage 2 of 7: Design Development
Design Development for Inco Steel Homes

During the Design Development Stage, the architect will detail the approved schematic design stage and create additional plans necessary to illustrate other elements related to the proposed home design.

Additional plans stipulate required building code information and the electrical along with door and window schedules.

Each room floor plan is accurately shaped and dimensioned and the room finishes and materials are programmed.

The primary objective is to arrive at a clearly detailed, approvable home design proposal based upon Client input.

During this stage, one or more meetings are scheduled to present the design development and direction of the work with respect to the client’s budget.

The process moves forward to Stage-3 when the Design Development Stage is approved by the Client.

Stage 3 of 7: Construction Documents
Construction Documents for Inco Steel Homes

During the Construction Documents Stage, the architect will prepare the approved design development stage into detailed working drawings and supplementary specifications; also known as the construction plans package. Detailed working drawings are required to price the project and to procure the building permits.  Third-party structural engineering design(s), data and related information, when required will be attached to the working drawings.

A time slot is officially reserved in the Inco Steel Buildings, Inc production schedule and a Project Manager is assigned to the specific project.

When requested by the Client, an optional H.O.A. plan review package will be prepared at an additional fee for the Client to submit for architectural committee review and approval.

The final, permit-attainable, detailed working drawings package is amalgamated into the Contact To Build Agreement.

The process moves forward to Stage-4 when the Construction Documents Stage is approved by the Client.

Stage 4 of 7: Finishes & Product Selections
Finishes & Product Selections for Inco Steel Homes

During the Finishes and Product Selections Stage, Interior Design at Inco will collaborate with the client and propose a finishing package consisting of painting and decorating ideas and material and product selections.

Scheduled meetings with vendors at showrooms are conducted at this time to finalize all finishes, materials and product selections that will be included into the project.

Final Finishes and Selection specifications will be amalgamated into the Contact To Build Agreement by Inco Steel Buildings, Inc.

The process moves forward to Stage-5 when the Finishes and Selections Stage is approved by the Client.

Stage 5 of 7: Job Cost Estimating
Job Cost Estimating for Inco Steel Homes

During the Job Cost Estimating and Pricing Stage, with the Finishes and Selections Stage complete; the contract price is developed following receipt and review of vendor and trade contractor bids necessary to complete the specific project.

The contract price and related specifications are finalized and approved and amalgamated into the Contact To Build Agreement by Inco Steel Buildings, Inc.

The process moves forward to Stage-6 when the Pricing/Job Cost Estimating Stage is both finalized and approved by the Client.

Stage 6 of 7: Contract to Build Agreement and Building Permit

During the Contract Agreement and Building Permit Stage, the compulsory building permits, and other related, legal requirements to carry out the construction work are completed.

The permit application including fees, submittals and procurement is conducted solely by the licensed general contractor; Inco Steel Buildings, Inc.  All associated permit related fees are reimbursed in-full to Inco Steel Buildings, Inc. by the client.

The Contract to Build Agreement (Design-Build Agreement) is signed by the Client and set-in-motion for the construction work.

The permit filing, cost and procurement procedures will be amalgamated into the Contact To Build Agreement by Inco Steel Buildings, Inc.

The process moves forward to the construction phase when the Permit Stage is approved and the Contract to Build Agreement is signature endorsed by the Client.

Stage 7 of 7: Construction Phase
Construction Phase for Inco Steel Homes

During the Construction Phase: The Contract to Build Agreement is fulfilled and completed by Inco Steel Buildings, Inc. and its employees, with assistance form its licensed trade partners, and its professional partners.

Throughout the entire home construction phase, Inco Steel Buildings, Inc is responsible for ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. 

A full-time, certified Project Manager is stationed onsite daily managing, scheduling and coordinating the final stage in the home construction process by ensuring the job is constructed in compliance with the design documents within a predefined timeline in addition to scheduling weekly client meetings for project updates and presenting labor and material invoices.

It will be Inco’s responsibility to schedule, coordinate, and conduct the building inspections. Code enforcement officials will inspect and approve the construction process of the house before issuing a Certificate of Occupancy. This is required by North Carolina law.

Inco Steel Buildings, Inc. provides everything required to fulfill the contract agreement, including building permits, equipment, labor, and building materials. In addition, it provides ancillary construction services such as construction management, accounting, and daily on-site management, quality control, and project coordination.

John Inman, the builder and owner of Inco Steel Buildings, Inc is onsite everyday inspecting the job, assisting the assigned project manager, directing, and coordinating employees and approved trade contractors with open communication to ensure complete customer satisfaction, contract conformance and building code compliance.

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