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Pre Engineered Metal Buildings

Inco Steel Buildings, Inc. Raleigh NC

Turnkey Metal Buildings

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Inco Steel Buildings, Turnkey Contractor for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in Raleigh Triangle, Apex, Wake Forest, Youngsville, NC

Two types of estimates are available from Inco.

  • FREE QUOTE (Sale 2024 Buildings)
  • $500 and up (Custom Metal Building) *Estimating Fee is Based on Building Size, Location, Engineering and Complexity*

Starting at: $48,900


Limited Time Price Offer. Built on Customers Prepared Land. Terms and Conditions Will Apply. Cash Sale.

ECONO 49 SPECIFICATIONS: Engineer Sealed Plan. Building permit. Steel Frame. 26- Gauge PBR Roof-Walls.  Concrete Monolithic Foundation, Footings, Slab.  R-25, R-30 Fiberglass Batt Insulation.  Electrical System, Breaker Panel, LED Lighting and Wall Switch.  Roll Up Drive Door.  Walk Door. Customization is not an option.

Turnkey Metal Buildings

Build To Suit Metal Buildings on Your Land

The Inco Steel Buildings, Inc. pre-engineered metal building company provides turnkey metal building design, ordering, and construction services on your land.

With the right building type, size and solutions available at a very reasonable price, the Inco Steel Building Company of Raleigh NC can build to suit and meet all your requirements.

Lets Build Together

Metal Buildings 384 to 10,000 Square Feet Turnkey On Your Land

Red Iron I-Beam Steel
Structural Steel
CFS Engineer Steel

Lets Build Together

Why Choose an MB Personal Builder™

Decades of experience set Inco Steel Buildings apart from other companies, along with our exclusive MB Personal Builder™ program system.

The MB Personal Builder™ is a licensed builder assigned to your job to ensure your complete satisfaction with the process and your new metal building.



A successful and satisfied client is The MB Personal Builders™ top priority.



MB Personal Builders™ strives for customer service excellence everyday.



MB Personal Builders™ creatively tailors each project to suit the client

Eastern North Carolina's Local Metal Buildings

Providing metal building construction, repair, and interior finishing services to Eastern North Carolina residents

Lets Build Together

Inco Metal Buildings.
We Help You Every Step Of The Way

An MB Personal Builder™ is your guide to a 100% complete, ready-to-use building.

Inco Customers

Inco FAQ

Yes for six pre priced buildings. We provide free ballpark estimates, for non-customized, rectangular or square shaped “all” steel, non-hybrid steel structures.

Here is a summary list: As a general guideline for Inco buildings, the process will vary depending on the building type and size – the Work Description, Scope of Work, and Contract Agreement Specifications determine how your job will be processed.

  • Initial Consultation – Identify Building Requirements
  • Budget Approval
  • Order Building – Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Admin and Filings
  • Site Preparation by Customer
  • Post Auger, Set and Concrete Foundation and Slab by Inco
  • Building Assembly and Finishing by Inco
  • Job Closing and Site Cleaning by Inco

A turnkey metal building by Inco Steel Buildings, Inc, is the highest quality metal building you can have erected on your land in the state of North Carolina.

Inco warrants its LABOR WORKMANSHIP and BUILDING MATERIALS in a clear, transparent, non-confusing manner.

Depending on the contract, Inco Metal Buildings offers warranties ranging from 12-months to five years to ten years.

A 50% minimum deposit is required to place a building order. The remaining balance will be divided into progress payments. These payments are listed on pages 1 and 2 of the Contract to Build Agreement in the Payment Schedule article.


We prefer ACH payments/bank-to-bank EFT. We also accept personal checks, certified checks issued by local banks, and cash payment. We accept only USD. We do not accept digital funds.

Obtaining ALL permits is Inco’s responsibility.

Filing and obtaining ALL permits is our responsibility. On every job, we are general contractors – we complete the necessary paperwork and purchase all building permits.

Besides standard warranties of twelve-months, five years and ten years, Inco Steel Buildings, Inc offers the option of an extended warranty with a separate warranty from the manufacturer for building materials. This warranty is IN-WRITING inside each Contract To Build Agreement.

Inco's MB Personal Builder™ Commitment

Inco’s MB Personal Builders™

  • Will promptly return phone calls and emails the same day in most cases during business hours.
  • Is an effective communicator who is easy to access, easy to meet with, and on-site every week during business hours.
  • Is a licensed expert that will oversee the customer’s Contract To Build Agreement.
  • Is responsible for performing the work, and not the customer. Site preparation is the customer’s sole responsibility, not building construction (Unless otherwise specified in the contract agreement).
  • Will manage the entire construction process from the pre-construction phase to the final closeout of the construction phase.
  • Will coordinate the design, development, pricing, planning, scheduling, and management of the whole project.
  • Will complete all work in strict compliance with the Contract To Build Agreement specifications and in full conformance with all related N.C. State Building Codes.

Local Metal Buildings in Raleigh NC

Inco Steel Buildings, Inc. is a Raleigh-based metal building contractor specializing in metal frame metal buildings. We provide new metal building construction, metal building repairs, metal building interior finishing, and metal building conversions.

Accurate Bids for Metal Buildings

Estimates and quotations from Inco Steel Buildings, Inc. are not the highest bids – they’re accurate quotes because they include everything.  Each estimate includes all costs related to the work being proposed, and is prepared based on our 38 years of cost estimation experience.

Licensed Metal Building General Contractors

Inco Steel Buildings, Inc. is a general contractor specializing in metal buildings in Raleigh, North Carolina. Construction of new metal buildings, metal building repairs, interior finishing of metal buildings, and conversion of metal buildings are some of the services that we offer.

Inco Galvanized Steel Metal Buildings

Inco Steel Buildings offer a limited lifetime warranty, Inco Galvanized Steel Metal Buildings are manufactured in North Carolina. These buildings are perfect for agriculture, farming, horse barns, small businesses, commercial, and industrial buildings, and warehouses and storage units.

Built on Your Land by Inco Steel Buildings, Inc. Rolesville North Carolina 27571

You Deserve an MB Personal Builder™

Start today. Get the Job Done Right The First Time – Save Time and Money by Hiring Decades of Experience

Best Metal Building Solutions

Learn More About Inco Steel Buildings

When you work with Inco, you can be sure the job will be done right the first time. MB Personal Builders™ have years of metal building experience. 

Whether it’s architectural design, project development and planning, costs estimating, foundation layout and pouring, or building assembly;  Inco’s years of metal building experience are proven from the beginning.

2024 Sale

Inco Econo Metal Building™ Turnkey Built on Your Land

2024 Sale Offer is valid for a limited period of time, subject to terms and conditions, and applies only to lots prepared by the customer.

2024 Sale Features/Options: Engineer Sealed.  Building Permit.  Steel Frame. 26- Gauge PBR Roof-Walls.  Concrete Monolithic Foundation, Footings, Slab.  R-25, R-30 Fiberglass Batt Insulation.  Electrical System, Breaker Panel, LED Lighting, Wall Switch.  Roll Up Drive Door.  Walk Door.

Sales Tax, Shipping Fees, and Building Permits are not included in the base price of each building listed since they are N.C. county specific and rates vary by county.

Preparation of the site for building is the Owner’s responsibility and is not included in turnkey building prices.

Customer and Land Owner is responsible for Land Clearing, Building Site Preparation, Tree Cutting and Removal including tree root removal, Earthwork, Fill Dirt, Stone Aggregates and Compaction of Fill, and Building Pad Area, Land Grading and Leveling, Paved or Gravel Road or Property Entrance Building, 35 ft Minimum Clearance Area on all Sides of the Proposed Metal Building structures.

Increased Steel Prices: On January 14, 2023, steel building manufacturers will increase steel and metal building prices to dealers

Business Owners, Lets Build Together

By providing local businesses with buildings, Inco supports their growth

We respect business owners and their time! In every project, the first step is to meet with the owner of the business, develop building specifications, and determine a timeline and budget for construction.

Buildings are essential for local businesses, and Inco takes that responsibility seriously, respects our customers, avoids free claims, and avoids gimmicks that defy the laws of business practices.

Your business building quote from Inco will be accurate and include everything you need to make an informed decision. Additionally, you will receive an estimate of the cost of your proposed building and a timeline for when your company can begin operations.

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