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Steel Building & Metal Building Restoration

Call Inco Steel Buildings to develop a program, and price quote for a metal building restoration.

Inco is North Carolina’s leading metal building restoration and steel building restoration company. Inco will make your building new again.

At Inco, we specialize in restorative work on steel and metal buildings, whether it needs basic repairs, interior or exterior work, roof work, aging-related restoration, or a whole building overhaul.

Metal Building Restoration that is Comprehensive

As far as repairs and restoration are concerned, we will look at the following damages and conditions and consider them.

  • Automobile damage to metal buildings
  • Abandonment or Neglectful Damage to metal buildings
  • Farm equipment damage to metal buildings
  • Farm building conversions to rentable space
  • Fire damage to metal buildings
  • Weather damage to metal buildings

Restorative Systems and Pricing for Metal Buildings

For any building, or sections of a building, we have the restoration system and pricing now for:

  • Inco Roof Retrofit System
  • Inco Siding Retrofit System
  • Inco Siding Replacement System
  • Inco Exterior Painting System
  • Inco Insulation New System
  • Inco Insulation Retrofit System
  • Inco Concrete Slab Repair System

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