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Metal Building Roof Retrofit

Metal Building Metal Roof Retrofitting System by Inco Steel Buildings

Inco Steel Buildings will give your metal building a new, engineered roof without removal or interruption to business operations. 

Inco Steel Buildings performs metal building metal roof retrofitting in North Carolina to restore roofs on commercial and industrial steel buildings.

Customers should choose the Inco Steel Buildings Metal Roof Retrofit System (ISB-MRRS) to make their building safer and last longer. The new roof uses structural metal and has a 50-year service life guarantee. It’s a fast and efficient install and meets all current building code requirements. The new metal roof system will not cause ponding water, which can lead to structural damage or a collapse of the building.

Metal Building Engineered Roof-Over System by Inco Steel Buildings

Installing a standing seam roof from Inco Steel Buildings is a great idea. It is a smart investment that will pay off for years to come. Removing the existing r-panel roof is not always a good idea. The r-panel is providing the building with structural rigidity and sometimes removing it can compromise the structural integrity of the building’s roof system. The Inco Steel Buildings Retrofit System is a custom solution. The engineer calculates the amount of material required, and the company manufactures it to fit each specific building. The entire system is then installed per the engineer’s drawings.

Metal Building Roof Sound-Proofing & Thermal System by Inco Steel buildings

Metal roof retrofitting is the best way to increase the thermal efficiency of your building. Inco Steel Buildings offers a wide variety of insulation options that can be added to your existing metal roof. This system can reduce heat in the summer, cold in the winter, and reduce noise from wind and rain.

Metal Building Exterior Painting , Repainting

Metal Building Standing Seam Retrofit Roofing System by Inco Steel Buildings

Designed not to leak, Inco Steel Buildings can give your metal building a new roof without removal or interruption to business operations. The 50-year roof is designed to preserve the structural integrity of the building while installing a roof that increases thermal efficiency. This roof retrofit system delivers a new roof with a warranty, has zero downtime, eliminates tons of landfill waste, and reduces the cost of your roofing project.

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