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NOTICE: Any Trade Contractor who terminates his insurance policies during the work process, including the one-year warranty period, will be held responsible for financial reimbursement to Inco Steel Buildings, Inc. This notice informs the Trade Contractor that the rates outlined herein are payable immediately plus administrative fees.

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Trade contractors, their Subcontractors, and their Independent Contractors


These Minimum Insurance Requirements for Insurance Coverage apply to theThe Trade Contractor, its subcontractors, and independent contractors who work for the Trade Contractor. Any person(s) or entity that the Trade Contractor will directly pay, or any person(s) or entity that may work for the Trade Contractor for free, on any Inco Steel Buildings jobsite.

Revised January 5, 2017

The Trade Contractor, Prior to commencing the Work on any jobsite owned by Inco Steel Buildings, Inc., shall ………………………………… READ  ENTIRE INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS, >>>>> EMAIL INCO OFFICE.

Read the Entire Insurance Requirements by emailing Inco.

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No prior notice is required for changes to this Subcontractor Minimum Insurance Requirements policy to take effect.

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